I love to walk in the woods, but very afraid to get lost. Recently the grandchildren bought me a smartphone and said he will help me not to get lost. Tell me how this miracle of technology can help me in the deep woods?

S. Corin, kholmogorskiy district

Meets the head is information-the dispatching centre of service of rescue them. I. A. Polivanova Olga Sotnikova:

— Indeed, the smartphone can determine your location. But first you need to understand what operating system is installed on your phone. If you have a smartphone operating system Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad), then to determine the coordinates of their location you need to go to the app “Compass”. Then the phone must be calibrated, that is, just drive in a circle, rotating in a horizontal plane of the screen up. The screen will display the coordinates. If after calibration, the coordinates did not appear to press the point in the center of the screen and hold it for 10 seconds. If you are the owner of a smartphone with the Android operating system, you will need to go to the Maps app.

On the right of the screen click on the target icon and hold it for 10 seconds. Then in the center of the screen a dot appears. Click on it and hold it for 10 seconds. Next to the point icon location, and the top of the screen coordinates.

As soon as you have on your smartphone determined the coordinates, they need to record. You can take a stick and draw the coordinates on the earth, sand, etc. And, you can make a screenshot with coordinates and it will be saved in the smartphone as a picture. If you are lost, you will be able to open it during the conversation with the operator 112 and dictate screen.

Remember that the number 112 free of charge. It is possible to get through with a negative balance and even without a SIM card.

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