IOS provides a way to hide photos without deleting them from memory.

Almost all on the iPhone, there are pictures that do not want to remove, and isn’t desirable. For such cases, the iOS developers have created the ability to hide the image from your library.

How to hide the image in the Photos app:
• in the photos app, tap on the button “Choose”;

• select the image that you want to hide;
• tap on the “Share”button;

• tap on the Hide button with the corresponding icon to find it, scroll to the bottom menu that appears.

What happens with the hidden images?

Hidden images remain in the memory of the device, as well as other photos. They do not appear in the Photos tab (Collections) and Memories. Hidden images can be found through the search in a separate album called Hidden.

To restore the hidden photos former status, you need to go to “Albums”, find the “Hidden”, select the desired image, click on the “Share” button and find the option “Show”, which has the same icon, which was “Hide”.


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