How to make the font bigger on the IPhone?

It is necessary to understand the difference between built-in and third-party applications. In the first case, you can make the necessary adjustments directly in the system settings iOS. But the utility of other developers have downloaded from the App Store are configured separately. And not always they have the ability to change text size.

Let’s begin: Open “Settings” using the icon on the desktop: Go to the “display and brightness”: Scroll down and see the paragraph “text Size”. Note the option “Bold” — it also may be useful to You: Now just move the slider to the right until you achieve the desired effect: But note the comment — the change to be visible only with applications that support “Dynamic type”. But that’s not all! If you want to increase the font on the IPhone, then you should return to the main system preferences page, enter the section “Universal access”: Inside find the item “Display size”, then find the “Enhanced text” and we see the familiar controller. However, if you activate the option “Enlarged”, it is possible to significantly expand Such adjustments would help to make the font bigger on the IPhone in the Messages, Books, Weather, Maps and other built-in programs. However, one should not get carried away, because in some cases the labels are too large, which will lead to their pruning. Zooming in Safari

Do not even try to look for settings within the app Safari. This is not Android! You need to: Open “Settings” iOS 12 or 13: Find the right software list: In the section “Settings for web sites” change the page zoom percentage: Now when you’re browsing the web, text and other content will be more. Third-party applications

In the beginning we mentioned that in each utility that you downloaded from the App Store, there are options. Not always you can control the font size. For example, Yandex browser does not. And Telegram messenger — is (the “theme” section): by the Way, if You have iOS 12, the section “Universal access” You will find inside the basic settings. And will need to look for the item “Vision”. That is where the size of the text. The Author recommends video: How to remove budget mobile — the secrets of high-quality photos and videos

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