IKEA (top photo)

Ikeevskogo Sani — stylish, comfortable, reliable, supplied in flat pack form complete with hex key and a set of simple instructions, which Santa and his elves can easily assemble yourself a team. Thanks to thoughtful design and spacious offices in sled will fit not only the gifts for children around the world, but the Essentials.

It is believed that Santa Claus usually travels on large wooden sledges. The company’s designers have come up with for Redletterdays grandfather of more modern transport, creating a magic chariot in the style of five famous brands, IKEA, Ferrari, Carlsberg, RedBull and Apple.


Ferrari F1 SLGH18 is a super-fast racing car equipped with turbo engine capacity of 950 reindeer. A sport sled with the most advanced aerodynamics accelerated to 100 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Santa ensures that gifts around the world will be delivered in record time.


The sleigh is in the form of cans of Carlsberg beer have a festive green color, modern sound system to listen to the Christmas hits, outdoor heaters and ample space for Santa’s little helpers to lean back and relax. The sled contains a lifetime supply of non-alcoholic beer, and reindeer Rudolph had replaced the lightning unicorn.


Who needs a sleigh or even reindeer, when you have wings? Mini plane from the Red Bull ready to carry Santa through the sky at maximum speed. This unique design drives a transportation fuel from sugar, caffeine, taurine and vitamin B. it can easily travel through snow, water and desert terrain. So, Santa can treat yourself to an adventurous trip through the Alps, the Atlantic ocean or the Sahara desert.


Sleigh Apple’s luxurious, sleek, minimalistic and equipped with the latest technology: touch panel gives Santa Claus an instant access to your favorite applications, including Google Maps, BBC Weather, Elfstagram and, of course, Uber — in case grandpa drink mulled wine. Let’s hope that the battery will be enough to Santa safely back at the North pole…

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