The Apple ecosystem is so comfortable and versatile that even the most ordinary user can make a professional presentation using the company’s products.

A minimal set may consist of one iPhone and the projector, but much more interesting presentations, flipping through slides with the Apple Watch, or use the tooltips in presenter mode on the iPad.

In order to make a presentation, you will need any of the listed products of the company: computer on macOS, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch Keynote.

  • Create a presentation in Keynote.
  • Connect the device to the projector (for iOS devices, there are adapters and projectors with support for AirPlay).
  • Go to “Keynote Settings” > “Remote controls” on the gadget that is connected to the projector.
  • Turn your iOS device to Keynote Remote.
  • Find the iPhone/iPad in the devices list and click “Link”.
  • Presenter/ So you can see the next slide

    What is displayed on the projector

    Now one of the devices will act as a remote control for presentation.

    You can also use the Keynote app on the Apple Watch for the transition between slides.

    Control the Apple Watch


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