Situation: you send a child to summer camp or to the country to grandma’s. He went there together with the smartphone. How to check that the child is not sat at the screen from morning till night? On Apple devices for such purposes, the function of the “Screen time”. Tell what it is, how to configure and use. At the end of article — solution for Android devices and a comparative table of applications for parental control.

What can the function of “Screen time”

It can help to know how long and which applications were used by the child, to see the total usage time of the smartphone, to set a limit on individual programs, functions, and to prohibit purchases from the iTunes Store and App Store. Here are the settings that you can manage the child’s smartphone from your device.

Alone. If you set this mode, the smartphone will only be able to make and receive calls. Set the time interval during which the device will be at rest. For example, from 22:00 to 8:00. So the child will not sit at night on YouTube.

Limits programs. Here you can set a limit on the program during the day. For example, to prohibit the use of social networks in everyday life.

Is always permitted. Here you can add programs that will be available in the “At rest”.

The restriction of privacy and content. This feature allows you to block inappropriate content or content with age. Here you can also prohibit purchases from the iTunes Store and App Store.

It looks like the usage report of their child’s phone

How to activate the function of “Screen time” in 2 steps

Step 1. Custom family sharing

To configure family access you will need the Apple ID with which you log in to iCloud and iTunes. In the menu “Settings” click on your name → “to Set up family sharing” → “Start”.

Now we need to invite members to your family group. To do this, click “Settings” select your name → Family → “family Member”. Enter the name or email of a family member that you want to add to the group.

A new member will receive an invitation which should take. On your child’s device, choose “Settings” → name → “Invitations”. Then follow the instructions on the screen. After all is done, under “Family access” you will see family members.

Family sharing with 3 members. The maximum number of family members — 6 persons

Step 2. Include the function of “Screen time”

In the menu “Settings”, click “Screen time” → “Turn on time” → “Continue” → select “my device” or “This device is my baby.”

Now you can set restrictions and manage the child’s smartphone. For example, to set the mode to “alone.”

Mode alone is included daily from 21:30 until 8:30
Parental control for Android devices

App with similar features is for Android. It’s called Google Link Family and exists in two versions that need to be installed separately on the mobile parent on a child’s smartphone. Installation is simple, just follow the instructions on the screen. The functionality of the application is inferior to the Apple product, but the basic functions are the same: limiting the time for applications, set time limits, lock your phone, create family groups for sharing content, monitoring of screen time.
What are apps for parental control

Alternatives a lot. Roskoshestvo experts assessed and selected the most functional and secure applications. Here they are.

Best apps for iOS
Kaspersky SafeKids (4.53 points)

Kidslox (4,51)

Built-in parental controls for iOS (4,20)

Best apps for Android

Kaspersky SafeKids (4,40)

Kidslox (4,37)

Parental Control Mobile Fence (4,10)

Learn more about parental controls on the Apple website.

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