The night of 13 August climax will reach the annual the Perseid meteor shower. Tell how to simplify the process of observing this fascinating phenomenon.

For this you will need an iPhone and the app Sky Guide from the App Store. Sky Guide is a program to observe stars, constellations, various space phenomena and so on. It works as follows: the person brings the iPhone up at the sky and the app shows the various celestial bodies.

Such apps in the App Store is not small, but the Sky Guide has the advantage. Developers specially prepared for the forthcoming meteor rain, and therefore their program will be pre-marked zone, which approximately can be noticed falling stars.

This means that you can go to watch the meteor shower without any preparation. Do not need to study the starry sky and the zones in which the future the phenomenon will be particularly noticeable. The app knows everything and will tell you.

Sky Guide is available in the App Store at a price of 229 rubles. As is the basic version. Via in-app purchase, you can purchase a large addition with increased 3D objects of various planets and stars.


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