Smartphones has already replaced the us many devices — iPods, mobile phones, video players, game consoles and, of course, cameras. Modern models make very high quality photos, and some of them really want to have more on paper, but photo studios in 2019 is almost gone. It remains only to print photos on the printer home or work, but to connect it to a smartphone may not be so simple.

In this article let us examine the various options can print photos and documents stored in phone memory, without dancing with a tambourine and two-day stay in the printer and mobile phone. Everything is much easier than you may think, and deal with it even novice user.

1. Printing via Wi-Fi
For this method you want the printer was modern and included Wi-Fi module. To start printing, go to your Android smartphone settings and select “Print”, where you have to click on “Load modules”, which opens the Play store Market. There you will find the printing modules from the major manufacturers printers — choose by brand of your printer and download it. Then simply navigate to the gallery, open the desired image and go to an additional menu where you will see a “Print” button. Tap and the new menu will see the name of your printer — click on it and go printing.

2. Printing through the cloud

Another way for modern models of printers. If your printer can access the Internet and connect to the cloud servers, you can simply put in your cloud service the necessary documents and photos, and then start printing. In this scenario, you don’t even have to be near a printer — it can be hundreds of miles away from you, because the cloud is a global service. It is convenient to work with the clouds and the seal will help the virtual printer Google Cloud Print which you can download on your smartphone or tablet from Google Play. The app is very simple to learn.

3. Direct printing

If the printer is Wi-Fi, then print to it from your smartphone need OTG cable (pictured) that you can buy in any salon communication. You will also need the PrinterShare app, then take the OTG cable and connect it to the printer cable going into the computer. PrinterShare will give the possibility of direct print in the application window, you can select a photo or document and send it to the printer. Important: this method is not supported in older phones and printers who are more than 5 years.

4. Print from Apple iPhone

All of these methods are relevant for Android devices, but iPhone is also possible to print. To do this, just download the app Apple airPrint — one of the most common applications for IOS to print to the printer directly from the phone.

5. Mobile printing

And, you can print anywhere and anytime — you can buy a special mobile printer, which will delight you with images of small size. Such devices are convenient to take along on nature or on vacation and print on the spot. Mobile printers operate on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but can also support a wired connection. They feed from the built-in battery.

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