Shenzhen is in southern China and is the center of electronics manufacturing. It’s hard to say what is the number of factories currently operating in the region. According to the official data of Shenzhen ranked second among all Chinese cities in terms of industrial production. It is in Shenzhen is a large part of the factories that produce products for Apple.

The Chinese government has created in time in Shenzhen free economic zone. Promising region immediately attracted the transnational corporations and big business from the neighbouring Hong Kong.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world meet each other at international exhibitions, signed big contracts and place production orders. China gets a large financial investment, and the world of high-quality and inexpensive electronics.

China is now not only produces equipment for the foreign companies, but also promotes on the international market own brands.

This brand is the ULEFONE, which produces secure smartphones. The company’s factory, which I visited, works with 2010. The issue of own products was established in the year 2014.

In the photos you can see how to collect the smartphone ULEFONE S1 and ARMOR 6. Typically, a smartphone is composed of 130 parts, and protected from 170.

All involved in the production of 50 suppliers. Work with suppliers and selection of the right components is very important. It affects not only the final cost of the product, but how well will work a smartphone.

The plant consists of two production lines, each working at 40. A number of employees gathers in one working day up to 1000 ready-made smartphones.

Only takes two days to manufacture your smartphone, and three for secure. Most of the time is a testing process that allows the exclusion of marriage.

Check the smartphone at every phase of production. A worker installed a new electronic component and another member of staff immediately checked him out.

After sizing, which is carried out to test the smartphone for leaks. Under the pressure of the feed water to the body, if the level in the tube remains the same all is well.

The plant has employees who are all working day taking selfies. So there is a check of the camera. The data coincided with the table control will be held. Smartphones that have not been checked, sent back for revision. The unit is fully dismantled, identify the problem, collect and re-send for testing.

Loudspeaker test.

Check the GPS module.

Ready mobile is sewn with the assignment of the IMEI-number, carefully wipe, paste over with a protective film and Packed. The plant complied with the full mode clean, working air conditioner and humidifiers. Even our crew was given Shoe covers, coats and hats. Agree, it would be a bummer if the customer will find in the box with the smartphone foreign object.

ULEFONE company has its own research centers in Shenzhen and Shanghai. In these laboratories select and test compatibility of new electronic components. Develop updates to the firmware and improve security.

At the plant in Shenzhen, there is another interesting room, where smartphones are tested for durability. From each batch randomly get a few copies and are subjected to strict testing. Special machines pounding smartphones on granite slabs, endlessly pushing buttons, connect and disconnect the power cables, cooled and heated. Worth a thousand words is a video which demonstrates the whole process.

As you can see, not even the smartphone ULEFONE NOTE 7 is able to withstand serious overload. If the testing process will be discovered some problem, the entire batch of smartphones will return on completion.

The plant of the company ULEFONE clearly shows that independent Chinese brands are actively developing and are able to compete on the world market. Products from China long ago, is no longer associated with poor quality. To achieve this effect is possible by creating our own laboratories and high quality control on each stage of production.


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