Valuable information for subscribers.

The main complaint of the subscribers of all mobile operators — paid subscriptions and services, which will connect as if from nowhere. How to deal with subscriptions really effective? In this manual told about how to overcome unwanted paid subscription to 100% of the operator “MegaFon”.

How to properly and permanently ban a paid subscription to the “MegaFon”

Straight to the point — short version for those who want the here and now to exclude the possibility of paid subscriptions of “MegaFon”. What to do?

Send the following commands to the short number 5151 (SMS is free):


All! You have disabled all options of “MegaFon”, which can connect you to paid services or subscription without your knowledge.

But here an important point. These SMS must be resubmitted every three months. The reason is simple — barring service paid subscriptions are automatically disabled after 90 days, those are the rules of “MegaFon”. Moreover, the operator warns subscribers about disabling these services, remember them, need users.

So for the most effective struggle with the connection of paid services and set reminders every three months, send these SMS. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes and provides full protection from possible monetary losses due to the connection of unwanted subscriptions.

What do these services?

If you do not want to send the “strange” commands blindly, here’s their description:

  • УСТЗАПРЕТ1 — a ban on “Mobile subscriptions.” This is the most basic mobile subscriptions that do may randomly connect to by the subscribers. With this service, similar options will not be able to be connected.
  • UTTARADIT — a ban on the “service Mix”. “Media-mix” is an entertainment portal of MegaFon, which can connect services for watching movies and entertaining movies.
  • НЕТКЛИК1 — a ban on connecting services from all short numbers. Including prohibiting the activation of services via the Internet that connect subscribers without their knowledge the most.
  • OSTAPETS — prohibits a paid subscription of the operator “MegaFon”, which are many.
  • VALERO — prohibition of subscription of the category of “18+”, which are the most expensive.
  • УСТПБК1 — prohibition of services “Access to information and entertainment services in the transition from the URL”. An important option that protects from unwanted subscriptions when you click on malicious links online.

Most interestingly, on the official website of “MegaFon” most of these services there, they are hidden. All these SMS to 5151 completely free. Send them every three months and enjoy life without a “random” paid subscriptions.


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