Every day parents and professionals are increasingly concerned about the health of children who spend a lot of time looking at screens and monitors.

One recent study by the Royal College of paediatrics and child health showed that excessive use of mobile and home devices could adversely affect young minds.

Among the possible consequences experts call sleep disturbance and exposure to cyber bullying.

Fortunately, many technology companies manufacturing these devices know about the problem and are taking steps to address it. The developers added to the software feature that allows you to disable other running components, if held for the unit time exceeds the limit.

This feature is now present on every major platform and in every modern device and this means that parents can protect their children from abuse in any of them.

Apple made a digital well-being of their users, a Central part at updates to its operating system — iOS 12.

A function called Screen Time, iPhone and iPad users can find it in the Settings.

When enabled, you will see a list of all used applications, and the amount of time spent in them. Here you can set the usage limit for either individual applications or entire categories.


On this platform access to such functions is that there is not all, but only the Google Pixel Android operating system 9 Pie. The company promises that over time, this option will appear in other models.

All you need to do to use it is to download in the Google Play Store app called Digital Wellbeing (Digital welfare) and run. It offers the same functionality as the counterpart in Apple, graphic detail and the ability to set the timer, plus one additional function, which the analog is not represented, called Wind Down. When enabled, it gradually dims the device screen to help you to postpone it and to get ready for bed.

Here such feature was available for many years, but it is little known and therefore not used. Enabled for specific user accounts in Parental control Settings.

Like on the iPhone, you can set a limit for categories and for individual sites. Additionally there are settings for time limit on weekends or evenings.

PCs, Xboxes and PlayStation

Windows 10 also offers this possibility. Go to Settings, then Accounts, Family and other people, and then select the option Screen Time.

Already a standard feature allows you to set the limit for individual users by selecting a specific clock or timer. There you can configure the Xbox and PlayStation.

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