Now almost every house there are certain storage devices: hard drives and solid state drives (SSDS) in PCs and laptops, USB pen drives, microSD cards and so on. However, all these devices have a common serious drawback. Because of the complexity of technology used in their manufacture, there is always a chance that a drive fails, the “burying” all available information: photos, collections, home movies or music. The HDD and SSD have a limited resource of overwriting data, which a simple user can’t always keep track. But even if the drive has failed, it does not mean that the data is lost forever. In most cases, you can restore them.

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Damaged hard disk drive (HDD)

HDD is a disk coated with a magnetic coating, which rotates at high speed (5 000 to 15 000 rpm). According to it, the air cushion moves the magnetic head that reads the magnetic field of the tracks of the disk, or writes it. The positioning of this head is very accurate, and the surface of the disk must be perfect. On a disk with a diameter of less than 10 cm can fit more than a million tracks. The control heads by a special microprocessor, standing on the Board disk.

There are several types of damages and methods of recovery. The most common problem of hard drives is damage to the service information (calibration heads, the physical size of the disk area with a defect of a surface, and so on). In this case, the software will help restore broken areas and saving a disk image, which is from 5 000.

Another problem, which is the most common – damage to the magnetic disk due to development of the resource. The program of self-test HDD (S. M. A. R. T.) just blocks access to it. In this case, removed the lock, and read all the undamaged information. Will cost 3 000 or a little more.

The third most common problem is mechanical damage of the disk or head. For example, due to impact or drop during read or write. In that moment, when the head is moving at high speed over the surface of the disk, twitches and hits the surface of the disk, it is damaged and destroyed. In this case, the disk is first washed, the head is changed for a new one or taken from a “donor”, right service information, and then reads the disk image. The cost of such work is from 8 000 rubles.

Damaged SSD

SSD (solid-state) drives is a Board with soldered chips on it. The SSD controller connect from 1 to 16 NAND memory. SSD is much faster, so it has no moving parts, and the record goes simultaneously on several chips of memory. The most common problem of failure of SSD — software failure. In this case the firmware of the controller and reads the image of the SSD (price from 2500 rubles).

The second problem is to develop resource overwriting the NAND memory. The already mentioned self-diagnostic system (S. M. A. R. T.) may block the access to the data. In this case, removed the lock, and read the intact data. Such work would cost twice the price.

Another common problem is the final failure of one of the NAND or the SSD controller. In this case otpaivat circuits NAND and separately reads the images on the programmer. Then made a virtual collection of SSD and decryption of data, after which all “merges” to the way SSD. The price of this work is about the same as in the development of the resource rewrite.

Damaged USB flash drive

USB stick, as SSD, is a Board with soldered chip controller and NAND flash memory (1 to 4). In case of failure of a USB stick often removed the NAND chip and read to programmer. Also quite often, the stick is subjected to mechanical damage. For example, if you use them carelessly off the USB connector. In this case, by soldering a USB directly to the controller, and then reads the data. To restore the USB flash drive for 2 500 — 5 000 rubles.

Damaged the data on the iPhone or iPad

On iPhone and iPad, as SSD is NAND flash memory. To recover the data from it is extremely difficult, as Apple is extremely scrupulous in matters of security and sets in its tablets and smartphones advanced encryption system. So, if you have a broken iPhone or iPad, restore your data with no damage to the NAND and the CPU. In this case it is possible to access the motherboard, and use it to get all the information from the device. The cost of the work — from 2 500 roubles.

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