Let’s start with the characteristics

INOI 5i Pro — affordable smartphone that is mainly designed to perform common everyday tasks and it has a good 13mp camera. The model has a large 5.5-inch screen with bright IPS matrix with aspect ratio of 18:9.

The elongated shape makes the smartphone easy to control with one hand. Case with matte soft-touch coating prevents the device accidentally slip out of hands or slide off a smooth surface.

The smartphone runs on the fresh Android operating system 8.1 Oreo, has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal. To store photos, videos and files, you can install a memory card up to 128 GB and at the same time to use 2 SIM cards.

The model works in networks of high-speed 4G Internet. For better preservation of information provided for the fingerprint scanner.

Camera INOI 5i Pro — double (13 + 0.3 MP). The second camera module provides a small background blur in the frame. The front camera shoots with a resolution of 5MP.

In the official online shop of the brand smartphone is 6990 rubles. How to photograph on a budget smartphone

And now go directly to the councils. They will help to improve the quality of photos and videos even if the phone is not super modern optics sensor is 48 MP. Clean the lens. Most smartphones, unlike cameras, the lens is always open, so it can be traces of fingerprints and other contaminants. Before you start photo or video taking pictures, wipe the lens with a special microfiber cloth. You can also use special cleaning products for screens. To wipe very carefully, without pushing on the glass not to damage it.

The more light the better! When there is insufficient light will not remove any smartphone. Therefore, it is possible, try to shoot in daylight or under very good lighting. Around the more light, the better the picture comes out. The light should fall on the object, not behind it (except when you want to capture the beautiful silhouette on the background). Try not to aim your camera at a light source. If you had to shoot against the light, try to use the flash. But in low light possible, it is best not to use the flash, and add natural light. If you still had to use the flash, hold the camera away from the object, otherwise the light will fill it. Shooting mode. Most people prefer to shoot in “Auto” mode, because it’s easier — no need to bother with the settings. However, each mode has its own unique set of settings. In INOI 5i Pro modes are: “night”, “sunset”, “party”, “landscape”, “night portrait”, “theater”, “beach”, “snow”, “fireworks”, “action” and “candle light”. Learn all these modes and use them in certain situations. This will allow you to significantly improve the quality of the pictures. If there is a marked difference between light and dark areas in the photo, use the shooting mode HDR.

To adjust exposure. Any image is a combination of light and shadow. The more light hits the sensor, the brighter the picture. If the light quite a lot, then information is lost, and such a picture is called overexposed. The combination of all light is called the exposure of your picture. If the picture is not peresvechennyj plots, if it is not too dark and not too light, this is called the exposed. Smartphones don’t always know what object you want to focus on. To give the smartphone to understand your desires, you can adjust the exposure by tapping in the desired location on the display. So the smartphone will focus on the desired object and build the exposure light on the object. After the dark fate will lighten in the editor. The main thing is not to light a photo, because illuminated areas almost beyond repair, in contrast to dark. The rule of thirds. Mentally divide the screen into 3 parts vertically and horizontally. The intersection points of these lines are the places where people always focus when viewing the image. To determine the point of intersection, use a special grid in the chamber.

Do not use ZOOM. In any camera when you zoom it affects the quality of the photo. If you want the object in the photo, bigger is always better to approach him.

The App “Camera”. Mobile photography depend not only on the technical characteristics of the camera itself. An important role in frame play software features of the smartphone. If you want to improve the quality of the camera in your smartphone, download any Camera app in the Google Play Market. Freeze. At the moment of pressing the button “photo” try not to move. The slightest movement can result in blurred photos. Particularly sensitive to movements smartphones becoming in the evening and night. In the low light conditions require more time in order to catch the light. In order to immobilize a smartphone, you can use a tripod or obliquity smartphone to some stationary object (a Cup of coffee, parapet or stone). You can also remove with a slight delay (2-3 seconds). So, after clicking photos, you will have time to stabilize the smartphone.

Animated photo. Photo editors use in order to get a good picture great. Learn to adjust light, contrast, brightness, saturation… In Google Play Market you can choose any photo editor of mass of the submitted applications. In INOI 5i Pro pre-installed photo editor Snapseed. The application can change the resolution, size, quality and format of the image. Default in Snapseed is the JPG quality 95%. You can improve the picture quality to 100% or better yet — save it in PNG format. In Snapseed you can add text. The app contains templates for the original text, with the help of which you can even create a logo or making watermarks. As for photo correction, you can change the position of the head, you can reduce or increase the size of the pupils, to correct smile and facial options (make it wider or narrower), to smooth irregularities and correct light and shadow. The application can apply lots of effects on your photo and create your own templates, which can then be applied to other images. Shoot a lot. The more you photograph, the more experience you get. Looking for new ideas for pictures, experiment with settings, light, composition. To save on INOI 5i Pro more photos, add a memory card up to 128 GB, or use the Google Photo app that allows you to store unlimited photos in the cloud. Glass or film that effectively protect the smartphone screen from damage

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The main advantage of the camera in the smartphone is the mobility. The phone is always at hand, and the camera gives you the ability to always be ready to capture the big moment. If you had a cheap smartphone with a regular camera, do not be afraid to take pictures. Good pictures can appear on a budget smartphone, if you know the basic rules of photography: to clean the lens,

shoot in good light

to lock the camera

set up the shooting mode and exposure

to get closer to the object instead of zoom it using ZOOM

follow the rules of good composition in the photo. To improve the parameters of its own camera in the smartphone you can use the camera app, and for the correction of photo — various photo editors. Shoot a lot, eventually you will gain the necessary experience and can take good pictures brand on any camera.

Remember that a good frame is important not the quality, and the plot. Catch interesting moments and not be afraid to experiment! Why slow video when watching on a computer or smartphone/tablet

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