It is no secret that iPhone owners are more likely to turn to service centers. But this does not mean that the devices are unreliable and are broken from one drop. Unlike many other devices, the iPhone remains relevant for many years: for example, the iPhone 5s in September, knock for 5 years, and this smartphone until at least 2019 will support the latest software. It is therefore logical that the iPhone repair more often than other smartphones — Android handset from the Chinese manufacturer $ 10 000 easier to replace than to give to the service center as the repair will be around the same money.

We have said many times that the most common problem that occurs when using the iPhone is the display corruption. And many readers logically the question remains: how do the most profitable and efficiently fix iPhone screen, and what cost it will cost?

Where the original displays

The first is to answer the question, where are original spare parts at service centers because many believe that such displays are only authorized services that get the screens directly from Apple. However, this is not so, and many often overpay for the repair of the display, when in fact the cost of the work much cheaper.

So where do we get original spare parts? Most of the original parts experts service centers removed with the new iPhone. In addition, the market also present spare parts produced by Foxconn. It is the latter which is engaged in the manufacturing of parts for devices of Apple.

The cost of a replacement display for the iPhone 5s in the Apple authorized service centers can reach 10 000, that is definitely too expensive for this model. Besides, you will be obliged to completely reset your smartphone to factory settings, and the replacement procedure module may take about a week. And such inexplicable high prices apply to newer models. Some, of course, are willing to pay, but it’s still proven to apply to service centers for after-sales service, where prices and conditions are more acceptable, and the parts are original.

As inexpensive to replace the screen on iPhone

You can save with this action to replace the original displays on the iPhone, which service center ModMac launched for all readers So, replace the display on the iPhone 5/5s or iPhone SE just 2 490 rubles, and the price includes work, and the original screen. Also in stock are other Apple smartphones:

  • Screen replacement for iPhone 6 — 3 490 rubles
  • Screen replacement for iPhone 6 Plus — 4 490 rubles
  • Screen replacement for iPhone 6s — 4 490 rubles
  • Screen replacement for iPhone 6 Plus — 5 990 rubles
  • Screen replacement for iPhone 7 — 6 490 rubles
  • Screen replacement on an iPhone 7 Plus — 7 990 rubles

Remember that the price already included the cost of the original display for iPhone. Only should hurry up — the offer is valid until the end of August. Don’t forget, for all readers 10% discount on all repairs


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