Apple decided to abandon MagSafe connections to the new MacBook, but the startup Magtop will help to fix it.

A team of Spanish engineers decided that the MagSafe connector is one of those technologies “of the past”, which you should keep. So they created an adapter to a USB-C with magnetic mount. Now laptop users Apple may again not be afraid that someone accidentally touches the wire MacBook.

Small head compatible with various types of devices equipped with USB-C ports. It also supports fast charging — can withstand power up to 100W, data transmission speeds up to 10 GB per second — that will come in handy when playing 4K video and surround audio files, but also protects the original charging cord from dirt and dust.

Magtop equipped with a led indicator, allowing to estimate the status rzadki.

With this adapter you can connect a MacBook to multiple devices. Magtop will support quick work of each of them.

The campaign to raise funds for crowdfunding platform Kickstarter will run until 6 September 2018. While the startup has managed to attract nearly 13,500 USD, which exceeded the initial goal of $ 2000.

Magtop prices start from $ 25 and include international shipping. The first orders will arrive to users in October 2018.


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