A very effective way.

The subscribers of mobile operators MTS, “MegaFon” and “Beeline” shared a work in a way that allows for considerable savings. On a non-standard method of reducing the subscription fees according to the tariffs of the leading Russian operators themselves told subscribers in social networks and on relevant forums.

How to save on communication in MTS, “MegaFon” and “Beeline”

A key objective of all Russian operators is the increase in the subscriber base. To do this, operators not only launch a new unique service and various attractive promotions, but and are actively pursuing disgruntled subscribers.

Customers who have ceased to be satisfied with the quality of operator services, often offered personal terms of service. In most cases, operators provide subscribers with an impressive discount on the bond, up to 70%.

What you need to do in order to get the offer from the operator? Themselves subscribers said that the operators sending such a unique and attractive offers discounts after a subscriber has applied for the transfer to another operator preserving number. Within a few days after the filing of such application, subscribers usually have SMS or even a call comes in, the purpose of which is the preservation of the subscriber.

Successful examples of obtaining such personal discount is really a lot. One of MTS subscribers will receive a 50% discount on any available rate for six months. Another subscriber of “Beeline”, intending to go to Tele2 received from the operator of the favorable rate with 500 call minutes and 24 GB of Internet for only 8 rubles a day. One of eager to share their history of the subscriber of “MegaFon” and is turned “grab” a permanent 50% discount for two rooms.

In other words, the method works — positive reviews really much. Therefore, if you are unhappy with the terms of service of your operator, try to have them improve in a non-standard method.


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