1. Thematic literature and an assessment tool services
Books alive, but only those that steal our time and resources. In order not to fall for the empty, make sure that the book meets several criteria: it is new to you, the author, a well — respected expert, and not ephemeral, and this publication is not necessary in promotional sales “at any cost”.
Not to be trapped, read the biography of the author, ask the opinion of colleagues or ask a question in a professional chat profile online. For example, you can use the service TheQuestion, if you decide to study a certain direction.

So, among the books worthy invested in their time and is able to pay dividends in the form of business success and improving your own financial literacy, I propose the following:

“The richest man in Babylon”, George Clason. The author himself calls his work “a recipe from a skinny wallet”. The book adjusts to the “long” money and reveals the secrets of the financial system.

“Fooled by randomness”. Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Despite the fact that business is largely hard calculation, the author devotes most of the book issues patterns and coincidences. Is it possible to control absolutely everything and how much you rely on luck? Reflections of a risk Manager and doctor of philosophy you trust or at least listen.

“The global financial crisis. Mania, panics and crashes”. Charles Kindleberger. This book can rightly be attributed to the classics of the financial literature. The author talks about the speculation, exchange games, the causes and consequences of the crisis, revealing in detail the main laws of the market. It is convenient to apply to their more modest by world standards financial epics.

Despite the value of the applied literature, it is worth keeping in bookmarks kindles and artistic works. Good old classic or high-quality modern literature — “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell or a science fiction novel by Stephen king “11/22/63” — help to develop the imagination and give rise to deep reflection on the eternal questions of mankind.

2. Educational projects
One of the opportunities to systematically engage in self-education — courses, trainings, seminars, educational programs, and both offline and online. Yes, offline is the new black. Yes, networking and private live chat fold mountains. But not everyone has that privilege, as a few free hours per week full-time course.

If we reject the conventions, the online when you need motivation for working. Yes, many throw in the first couple of weeks, but then it was necessary to release a few online hours for other cases. The main advantage of distance learning remains omnichannel adoption of information — not only text but also video, audio, infographics, games tests will allow you to better remember new information or to brush up on lost knowledge.

Lectorium is an academic educational project, which presents an archive of video lectures of the best speakers of Russia (Sergey Kislyakova of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Roman Osipov, head of the laboratory of data analysis wolframmathematica.ru expert Wolfram Research), also open free access to the library. It is important that all materials are available to everyone and published with the permission of lecturers and educational institutions.

MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) platform with interactive online courses. Among the presented topics — artificial intelligence, blockchain, programming, business. The perfect resource to integrate into the professional community and to experience University learning. Language — English. The course materials are freely available.

Curious — English speaking project for daily learning and self-improvement. Depending on the areas you are interested in, whether it be marketing, music, mathematics, or biology, the amount of time that you are willing to pay for their study, the online system generates a personalized program that includes online lessons and learning games. Available as free classes and paid content.

Khan Academy — a resource with practical exercises, educational videos in math, computer science, history, art, Economics and more. Here learning is also personalized, which allows you to work at your own pace, studying a variety of directions. A non-profit organization exists on donations, and all materials are in the public domain. Also there is a Russian unit.

The open University — an educational project, which offers an online program in modern Russian history, culture, economy, political science, sociology and other Humanities. The course consists of video lectures, recommended study of additional literature, tests. The program aims at developing skills to analyze data, to communicate the facts and evidence of rare events, understand their causes and to assess the impact on life today. The materials are freely available.

4brain — Russian site with online courses in copywriting, profiling, and cognitive science, reading and other topics. On online you can find a lot of open materials and full courses available for a fee.

3. Cognitive simulators
Returning to the thesis that the brain is a kind of muscle, which requires activity and regular training, let’s talk about brain training. They help to develop attention, memory and other important brain ability.

One of the advantages of such trainings is that they do not require much time, but with regular exercise, the effect will not keep itself waiting long. Modern programs allow to build brain-training individually, based on the original abilities.

“Vitium” is an online platform with a variety of exercises designed to build new neural networks, hence improving the performance of the brain. The main task is to literally “pump up” the brain to be ready for rapid switching to different types of activities and become more focused. Useful for those who keeps, the now classic, multi-tasking at work.

On a similar principle works resource NeuroNation. The project was created with the support of the Ministry of education and of health of Germany. The developers call their Playground — “gym for the brain”. Conveniently, the sofa can not stand.

BrainsApp, who received a similar designation — “brain fitness” will not take much time. Each training session lasts an average of five minutes. The level of difficulty of exercises is based on the original testing skills.

Peak is another convenient trainer which contains exercises for memory, speed of thinking, language skills, care. Depending on how long you are engaged, the complexity of tasks increases.

App Elevate is designed to improve concentration, speed of information processing and the development of spoken language. After a couple of months you can feel the result of regular exercise. How? Friends will begin to ask contact your rehatechnik.

Cognifit is not just an online simulator for the brain, but also a compendium of neuropsychological tests and games that are able to identify some cognitive impairment or disorder. So, it is possible to pass a cognitive test on insomnia, driving, ADHD and even test yourself for the presence of depression or signs of depression.

In the Director’s project — a cognitive psychologist Shlomo Breznitz, who concurrently is the founder of the Center for study of psychological stress at Haifa University and member of the Board of Directors of Apple; Evelyn Shatil, principal investigator in the Department of psychology, Centre for psychobiological research, max stern University in Israel, her research is devoted to problems of learning, brain plasticity and cognitive interventions for car drivers, which tend to traffic accidents.
The results are then used not only to generate personal training, but also for the diagnosis, treatment planning and rehabilitation, if violations are revealed. The project is fully Russified and involves payment for testing.

4. Media Self-development is based not only on the extension of fundamental knowledge, but also requires the ability to navigate the modern realities. Like nothing better help can be given regular reading of media.

Besides, if to speak not only about the hot news, the modern trend is that media offers readers more longido, educational materials concerning completely different aspects of life.

The first is to make scientific and popular publications. Postnauka, Indicator, Schrodinger’s cat, the Items read at least one material in the evening, even for one month will earn a decent Luggage additional knowledge. For example, in such areas as investment in science, migration scholars in China or the latest breakthroughs in genetics.

The business press and distribution — Russia, RBC, Kommersant, Vedomosti, Inc.Russia, T-W and foreign Bloomberg, Reuters, The Economist and others. Conveniently subscribe to mailing publications and the projects that interest you — then just don’t miss anything important, this will save time. Quality distribution — which are not only beautiful to open, but read — is prepared, for example, Theory and Practice, Moscow Advance Communication School, public relations Insider, PR Bee, a salesman conference.

Specialized publications. The study of specialized media will be particularly useful in the period when you are studying any specific subject. For example, while you learn, again, the scope of business, it is necessary to read the materials of Harvard Business Review. Studying history can offer a journal where the emphasis is on “illustrating stories” through photos, stories from old Newspapers and magazines. And the more narrow segment lights publishing, the deeper you can immerse yourself in the subject.

5. Telegram-channels
Short, topical, safely and quickly — so it now looks informative Telegram channels. The collection, which will help to go beyond the usual professional topics and scoping of news channels:

Homo Sapiens is a channel on the human body. It is the scientist, who shares with the audience own knowledge and tells interesting stories from the field.

Business facts — the name of the channel speaks for itself. The authors publish collections of interesting data on Russian and foreign companies, their founders, revealing little-known details about their formation.

In Telegram you can find a lot of channels for the study of languages, and primarily English. One of the most convenient is to Push the English, moreover, it may be useful for both beginners and fluent speakers. The channel published the words with transcription, translation, context.

Channel dedicated to academic electronic music as well as history and architecture — Concrete box. Here you can find music, as well as a brief summary about famous buildings from around the world.

6. Social network
Yes, you guessed right, social media can also work to the benefit of and to promote personal growth. The main thing — carefully filter the data in the tape and clearly monitor the time spent on these resources.

“VKontakte”. For self-development you can use the public servers on literature, science, history, technology, such as the space Museum, the History of Music [Music History], a Thousand devils, what a book!

Instagram. Even in the network, ruled by the image, you can find lots of useful data, including in the field of Economics, art, science, and sports. For example, can be useful blog Girl with money. The author shares with the audience knowledge about the financial system and lifehacks on how not to remain with empty pockets. On the page in Instagram tinkoffjournal you can learn the facts about modern Russian business and the economy, about how to open a business and even how much of life in the regions. Shop positions itself as a resource for “lifelong education of adults”. The website includes blocks of advice about work and leisure, read-lists.

Facebook. On the most popular platform of the business community is looking for an active thematic group of marketers, pr specialists, digital experts, hr-hunter, event guru, and many others. If you want to look in the related professional field, it is sufficient to adapt the tape to fit their needs. A popular, and useful, the business community Websarafan. Participants discuss how global trends and particular issues in the field of business. Group Content marketing is convenient for the search of materials on specialized topic writers, editors and anyone can handle writing both your own and the interlocutor. On page PR-GR-IR to discuss professional standards in related communication fields, there are rare jobs, discuss trends and cases.

7. Smart entertainment
When I have some free time, it makes no sense mindlessly flipping through tapes of social networks, if you have the chance to learn and do something useful. And you can take not only themselves but also their loved ones. Can help the following resources:

Muzium is a blog about classical music, where recordings of lectures, interviews with musicians and theorists of music, tracklists and lots of other useful information.

Relikva resource dedicated private storage. Everyone can create their own Museum with photos, their descriptions and individual stories.

Sigma is an open platform for the publication of materials about the people, cultural phenomena and trends of development of society. The resource is ideal for finding new friends and forming their own point of view.

My Heritage is a resource where you can create a genealogical tree of his family, to create a calendar of family events and even find their ancestors and relatives on the birth certificates, marriage, census, immigration lists, and other data.

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