Safe mode in Android is a special boot mode that gives the ability to run smartphone exclusively with the system apps. In this mode, you can remove installed apps, recover files, conduct a virus scan to clean the system from debris and perform other important operations.

It turns out that safe mode is useful. Activate it by holding the power button on the phone and then pressing and holding the virtual button is off. However, in some cases, to turn it off is not obtained. Not everyone knows how to do it, and we’ve got five simple ways to return the smartphone to a full operation mode.

1. Reboot

As the old adage goes, the family troubles — a reset. This was true in the days of Windows 95, but now, a simple restart can solve a lot of problems. So, if safe mode is running the system, and you personally, you can simply restart your smartphone as you always do. Press and hold the power button and from the appeared menu choose “Restart”. After a couple of minutes you will be in the hands of a fully functioning gadget.

2. Removing the battery

This is a variation of the first method, a kind of analogue of a hard reboot in the Apple iOS. Many smartphones allow you to remove the battery, and you can use this to deprive the cell of energy source. After download it will work as it should, and safe mode will be turned off. This trick will not work for smartphones with built-in battery.

3. Removal of unstable applications

In some cases, safe mode can be activated automatically: for example, when the smartphone was installed incorrectly working application. There’s no matter how much I need you to reboot the phone, the result will be one — safe mode will turn on itself. In this situation you will have to get your hands dirty and go through all the layers of programs that you have time to pump during use of the device. To do this, go to Settings, select “Applications” (in different shells, it is called differently) and there go to the tab “Downloaded”.

This is exactly what we’re looking for. If the problem with safe mode have recently emerged, then just delete those programs that was installed last. Remove one application at a time and restart your mobile — if normal mode is not activated, then repeat the removal procedure, but on another application.

4. Rollback to the factory settings

This is the most radical method, which is guaranteed to take your smartphone out of safe mode, however, with very serious consequences. By choosing this option, get ready for what memory your device will delete all photos, videos, contacts and other personal files.

In other words, you will receive the unit in this form in which you got it out of the box when you purchase with a basic set of pre-installed applications, but without the buggy programs, suspicious files and, of course, without viruses. After sbrocca to factory settings you can re-configure your smartphone, without installing dubious — use only proven and well-known applications and do not visit strange websites, and then you won’t have to deal with safe mode and risk personal data.

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