To better understand what constitutes music (and only classical), you will have to understand what a musical sound. This current issue of “Tactus”.

As there is sound? From a physical point of view, sound is a vibration or oscillation. What sound we hear depends on what ranges and how to ranges.

What is the sound? To measure these oscillations and vibrations can height, loudness, duration and timbre. The pitch of the sound depends on the frequency of vibrations, loudness on their amplitude, duration from the amount of time to occur vibration. But the most interesting is timbre. It depends on the composition of the overtones, that is, from small sounds that are almost inaudible, but somehow still present.

Is it true that music and Pythagoras were doing? True. In General he had to deal all at once, and arithmetic, and geometry, and physics, and astronomy, and philosophy. There is a legend that Pythagoras decided to investigate the hammers of the forge. He weighed them and found that the biggest hammer weighs exactly twice that of the smallest, exactly one-third and exactly a quarter more two medium hammers. So for the first time were discovered the numerical ratio of the acoustic intervals of octaves, fifths and quarts.

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The issue sounds play Claude Debussy’s “Pagodas,” from his piano cycle “Prints”. Takes Stanislav Bunin.

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