Tell how to do the unlocking face, the main method of protecting your smartphone and get pleasure from it.

I use “ten” since the release, and at first the machine refused to recognize me as its owner approximately 30% of cases. However, I found a way to fix it and never return to the Touch ID.

This manual will be useful not only to owners of iPhone X, but also those who are soon planning to buy a new iPhone, as Face ID will be present in the whole lineup of Apple smartphones in 2018.

To set Face ID, you must first create a passcode. It will be useful during the training of the system, and in the future it will be possible to use, if you fail to look at the phone. Then go to “settings” – “Face ID and password”, enter the password and select “customize the Face ID”.


The smartphone will offer to put your face in the frame and to rotate the head. At this point it is important to follow three rules. First, you need to hold the phone as far from his face, much as you setup. Usually, lack of arm’s length. This will allow the smartphone to find out that it’s owner, even if the user merely pulled the device out of his pocket to check the time. Secondly, rotational movement is to commit slowly. As the projector of the points has a certain frequency, the slower to rotate the head, the more your images will be saved in the system memory. Third, rotate the head you need at the maximum angle, as in this case, the smartphone recognizes you, even if you look forward, for example, on the road, and the machine is below the head in your hands.

After the first time the system will prompt you to repeat steps. Everything is done the same way only to rotate the head you need the other way. After this adjustment is completed.

Also I would suggest to disable the option “to Require the attention of Face ID”. If this option is enabled, iPhone not rasplachivaetsya until the user does not see.

It is less convenient to work will be less, but no one will be able to access data on the device, bringing it to your face while you sleep.

Face ID, the system learns, that is, every time iPhone does not recognize the user and the owner enters the password — database security updated with new information. For example, if you always come in glasses, and at one point they will be removed, the system will not respond only the first time. In the second, everything will work as it should.

The training period my iPhone took two weeks. But now I use Face ID permanently, just as at the time of Touch ID, and I think this is a great feature. First, the benefit of unlock at the face not so much, but after a while I began to feel that dactyloscopus on iPhone 6S to use much less convenient.

Enjoy technology and use all functions to the maximum. Progress on that and there! Write in the comments how you feel about the Face ID, because very soon this system will face most of us.


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