Before the presentation, Apple was only a little more than two weeks, and cupertinos traditionally carefully hide all the details of the event. However, the media, citing sources, lifted the veil of secrecy and told about what gadgets with high probability will be presented in September.

Apple is preparing for the most important presentation of the year, which will be presented the new iPhone model, as well as a number of other gadgets. Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the situation, found out what “Apple” is going to show in September and what to expect from kupertinovtsy.


Apple plans to release three models of the iPhone — this tradition began in the company in 2017. The version marked “Pro” are the successors to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, and is expected to “budget” the successor of last year’s iPhone XR.

The main feature of the new line of Pro will be triple rear camera with an extra sensor for ultrasonically videos and photos.

The third camera will help you to take pictures higher resolution, and improve shots taken in low lighting conditions. It is also expected that the system will make three pictures that will help to correct the end frame when using artificial intelligence.

The new camera will have better video capabilities that would bring it to a professional camera. There will be additional tools for retouching, applying effects and filters on the rollers.

Another feature that you should expect from the new iPhone, is reversible wireless charging. For example, AirPods can be charged in a special case, is to leave them lying on the back of the iPhone. A similar feature was presented in the new series of Samsung smartphones.

Two “older” iPhone model will look almost exactly the same as last year, and will receive the same diagonal display, as in 2018. However, color devices will change slightly.

The new models with improved OLED display instead of the 3D Haptic Touch appears Touch.

All new iPhones will get faster processors A13. The chip will be a new component that will take over some complex calculations, to avoid overloading the main processor. This will help Apple with augmented reality technology, which the company considers one of the main functions of your iPhone

Smartphones sample of 2019 will not receive the support 5G — this device is worth waiting for until next year.


It is expected that Apple will introduce an updated version of the iPad Pro. New tablets with a diagonal 11 inches and 12.9 inches will receive the same upgrades as the new iPhone — faster processor and improved camera. Appearance iPad Pro will remain unchanged.

Apple Watch, AirPods and HomePod

Last year, the “smart” watches Apple Watch has a new design and bigger screens, but this year the improvements will be much less visible — mostly they relate to the operating system watch OS 6 and a new pair of package options.

It is not excluded that in September will be presented the second generation of AirPods headphones that will cost more than the current version at a price of $159.

New features will include a water resistance and sound insulation.

In addition, Apple plans to release cheaper column HomePod, as sales of the current version for $300 did not meet expectations of company management.


In the line of laptops is also expected to upgrade — planned updated version of the MacBook Pro with a screen of 16 inches. Edge of the display will be narrower so that the size of the device will be nearly identical to the current 15-inch model.

This notebook will be the largest in the collection of the Apple since, as a 17-inch MacBook Pro was discontinued in 2012.

The miracle is not worth waiting

IPhone sales represent about half of total Apple revenue, so it was the September presentation attracts attention as ordinary users, and investors and analysts. Last year during the festive season, the revenue from iPhones has fallen to a record low that forced Apple to diversify their income, announcing the launch of several services, news, streaming and gaming.

To talk about the success of the iPhone sample 2019 is premature, but analysts predict that this smartphone is unlikely to show record figures.

There are several reasons. It is reported that iPhones 2020 there will be significant changes both in appearance and in hardware, as the expected widespread deployment of 5G networks and the advent of smartphones that support this technology. Experts believe that the new ruler 2020 will accommodate a variety of custom flavors that can raise sharply the popularity of iPhones on the market.

As for the iPhone 2019, they are likely to be only an improved version of last year’s devices, which is unlikely to be a tempting factor for the purchase of a new model for most users.

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