According to new information from Gartner, Apple conceded Huawei’s second place in the ranking by the number of units sold.

According to the research results, the Chinese company sold for the second quarter of 2018 49.8 million devices, its share of the global smartphone market was 13.3%. Apple, in turn, over the same period, iPhone has sold 41.3 million, equivalent to 11.9% of the total sold devices in the world.

If to compare these figures with the second quarter of 2017, it is clear that Huawei had to 9.8%, i.e. there is growth. Apple, on the contrary, a noticeable fall, as a year ago the company’s market share amounted to 12.1 percent.
The leading position is Samsung 72.3 million smartphones. Xiaomi and Oppo ranked respectively in fourth and fifth places.

The head of research Gartner Anshul Gupta attributes this to the fact that Huawei continues to implement in their devices, innovative features, and in addition expands the already big lineup. And large investments in brand positioning and devices Honor actively stimulate sales.

Gupta also noted that Huawei’s success associated with the drop in sales of iPhone X, and that the decline in demand began much earlier than publicly announced by Apple.


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