That the company creates its own operating system, announced in early March, the head of Huawei Richard Yu, It was called Hongmeng. Developed since 2012 and, presumably, code-based an open version of Android.

The promised full compatibility with apps for the mobile OS Google. But it is unclear how users will receive them. After all, if the American IT-giant will cease cooperation with Huawei, it is obvious that the Google Play app store will also be available to owners of smartphones of the Chinese company.

How it will look Huawei the OS from is unknown, but it is not so important. The main thing — just app, the expert in the field of information security and technology Maxim EMM.

Maksim EMM expert in the field of information security and technology “the Value of the platform, i.e. operating system, primarily determined by how much it under applications. And if the developers will not be their apps ported to this operating system, Facebook is the same, if they will not be allowed these applications to publish to these platforms, then this operating system and these phones one much would not use. Well, except, perhaps, some public customers in China. And for Huawei it will be painful, it is one of the largest markets in the world, and, most likely, after the phone will go without the support of Android and all apps on it, with high probability, no one to buy in America will not.”

Pinch off a piece of the mobile OS market that was shared by Apple and Google, tried including Microsoft with its Windows Phone, and Samsung who had already two platforms: first, Badu OS, Tizen then. But it didn’t work out. Hardly a success and a new operating system from Huawei — if we are talking about the global market, Chinese domestic, the head of the HiTech Dmitry Ryabinin.

Dmitry Ryabinin, head of the HiTech “In the best case, it will partially migrate Android Soft in the worst case it will have to write from scratch. Examples and Microsoft and Samsung did not inspire anything good, because there and there’s quite a complex and difficult process, which is extended in time. And in the end in nothing results”.

In addition to problems with Google and services of American companies, Huawei is likely to have a problem with access to the components made in the USA. But the Chinese this prepared, says the Internet expert Gregory bakunow.

Gregory bakunow Internet expert “it would appear that Huawei is somehow suspect that things will develop like that. Because already two years ago, they began developing their own platform, from the chip hardware platform. They even managed to release it on multiple devices. And now Android has all the necessary components in order to create their own devices with no Intel, no Qualcomm, no Broadcom and other companies too will be forced to follow this embargo to work with this Chinese company.”

If all goes according to the worst scenario, the market of gadgets in the US, Huawei will lose. For the American market it is unlikely to be a problem: in the end, there are lots of other manufacturers, for example, the same Korean Samsung.

For the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world this could be a noticeable impact: the U.S. market accounts for about 40% of world sales of smartphones. However, there is a huge domestic market of China, where access to Google, Facebook, Twitter and other American services, to put it mildly, is not relevant for the reason that they are there for a long time blocked.

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