Ambitions allow.

The Chinese company Huawei, which is actively investing in emerging technologies, is preparing to conquer new markets. One such segment is associated with the release of the world’s first smartphone with a curved display.

According to insiders, Huawei intends to bypass Samsung in the market of flexible smartphones. That is why Huawei is going to announce the world’s first smartphone with a curved display before Samsung.

According to Yuanta Consulting analyst Jeff PU, the expected term of the smartphone — the beginning of 2019. The amount of the first installment, flexible smartphones will constitute no more than 20-30 thousand copies. It will be released to demonstrate the high technological level Huawei and attract the attention IT sources.

For the production of flexible displays for the smartphone Huawei will be responsible company BOE Technology Group. However, according to informed sources, the level of development of technologies for the production of curved displays from BOE may be lower than that of the Samsung.

Source: Gizchina


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