Severe punishment.

Huawei strongly punished two employees for using the iPhone at work. The guilty employees of Huawei sent a congratulatory message happy New year in the official Twitter blog the company through an iPhone. Despite the fact that the tweet was fairly quickly deleted, manual Huawei traced blunders employees, and imposed severe penalties — demotion with a reduction in salary on 5000 yuan, the current exchange rate amounts to almost 50 thousand rubles.

Almost celebrating the New year, Huawei employees who are responsible for posting messages to Twitter, made a “serious mistake”. They sent a greeting to a user of Huawei smartphone or computer and using your iPhone that pointed directly to automatically generated message signature “via Twitter for iPhone”.

The post was very quickly removed from Twitter, but users had to take a screenshot, which immediately became viral. Guide Huawei noticed him and decided to punish the employees who use the iPhone. Senior Vice President of Huawei’s Chen lifang said that the message “damaged brand Huawei”. For it is responsible for sending messages to staff were reduced by one post. In addition, their wages were cut by 5,000 yuan (about 50 thousand rubles).

More likely under the distribution was Director of digital marketing Huawei. According to this decision, he would not receive a salary for 12 months.

Source: MR.


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