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Huawei has overtaken all US companies by number 5G-patentowa Huawei has more patents related to 5G networks than all U.S. companies combined. Huawei Technologies owns more than 16 thousand patents in the field of 5G. The company ranked first in the ranking and has a share of 20%. The proportion of all relevant patents 5G American companies is 15%.

Revenue Huawei Technologies by 2018 amounted to more than $104 billion, according The company invested in research and development an amount in excess of $14 billion, said Vice-President Lu Yong at the international exhibition of data in China. According to the results of last year, Huawei surpassed the American companies Intel and Apple in terms of investment in research and development, taking 5th place in the ranking.

According to Lu Yong, to take leadership in the high tech industry is only possible through long-term investment focused on research and development.

Earlier, the “Profile” reported that Huawei will now not be able to use the SD card. Evidence of a new round of trade war between America and China is one of China’s Huawei from the ranks of the Association that controls the standards for SD products (The SD Association).

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