2018 was very successful for Huawei in the second quarter, the Chinese manufacturer for the first time surpassed Apple in number of smartphones and overall the year ended with a record supply. Summing up the year, Huawei announced the most popular devices.


In 2018 Huawei has produced 200 million smartphones, and the most popular lines was P20, Mate 20 and nova. The range of P20, which includes smartphones P20 P20 P20 Pro and Lite, since the start of sales in March sold 16 million copies.

Mate range 20, consisting of Mate 20, 20 Pro Mate, Mate 20X and Porsche Design Mate 20 RS for 2 months of sales has been released 5 million copies. However, the most successful mid-range series of smartphones nova — nova 3, nova 3, nova 3 and nova 4, whose sales in 2018 amounted to 68 million units.

Anniversary edition smartphones

In connection with such major achievements, Huawei has released a limited edition special versions Mate 20 Pro nova 4 and engraved on the rear panel, represented by two stars and the words “200 Million Huawei Mobile 2018”.

Progress and future plans Huawei

Note that as of 2010, Huawei had supplied only 3 million units that 66 times less than 2018. Huawei also announced plans in 2020 to become the largest smartphone manufacturer ahead of Samsung.

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