Huawei presented on Thursday in Munich its new flagship smartphone Mate 30, which must compete with the iPhone from the Apple 11. The presentation was held by the head of the consumer division Huawei CBG Richard Yu, the Company also introduced its own service applications, which will allow to do without a similar service from Google for the background introduced by the U.S. authorities restrictions.

According to him, new products from Chinese group is significantly superior to the main characteristics such as speed of data transmission in 5G network or the battery life, the models of competitors — Apple and Samsung. Yu showed photographs of the new smartphone — he showed made night Mate 30 photo of mountain landscape and compared it with similar the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, for which almost nothing is visible.

“Any additional photo application is not necessary,” he said.

Huawei alternatively, Google Play Store has introduced its own App Gallery. Model Mate 30 do not contain sanctions of the US government pre-installed apps Google. But so far they have installed the latest version of the Android operating system.

Among the innovative features of the new models is the facial recognition technology that is used, for example, when reading is important, from the point of view of the user messages. Mate 30 displays content only if the screen looks the owner of the smartphone. If before him there was another person, the information is immediately lost. The battery charging speed, according to Huawei, the increased: battery charger with cable is 40 watts, wireless — 27 watts. The unit is built 14 antennas for receiving frequencies 5G.

It is noteworthy that at the presentation in Munich the prices were in euros, which, according to experts, indicates the target market of Huawei Europe. Everything has its price: version 30 Mate with 5G will cost €1199, the base model is €799, Pro Mate 30 — €1099.

When and what countries will be available to new smartphones, the Chinese company said.

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