Huawei is coming on all fronts.

Chinese company Huawei is actively working on its own augmented reality glasses. They need to change the perception of users about the usefulness of AR technology in everyday life. This was stated by the head of Huawei’s Richard Yu.

Augmented reality glasses of the company will be similar to the products of industry leaders in the face of Google and Microsoft. However, in contrast to the imperfect decisions of competitors — experimental Google Glass and is intended solely for business users of Microsoft HoloLens, the feeling of using points Huawei will be fundamentally different.

AR glasses Huawei basic rate will be made on ease of use and usefulness in everyday life of users. To implement it in practice will help the innovative smartphones that will receive the first truly serious support of augmented reality technology.

The specific timing of release of augmented reality glasses from Huawei were not named. The head of the company only mentioned that the project would bring to mind will take up to two years.

Source: CNBC


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