But Apple has everything to rectify the situation.

The rapid increase in popularity of smartphones of the Chinese company Huawei is one of the main reasons for the relatively weak sales of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR, said the experts of the research company Mirabaud Securities. In 2018 Huawei has not only continued to produce a lot of affordable, quality smartphones, but also introduced the flagship camera with a triple, which will not be in the iPhone until the fall of 2019. All this affected the consumers ‘ demand, especially in China, analysts say.

When a couple of years ago the leaders of Huawei threatened to seize the global smart phone market, it seemed like empty promises. However, in 2018 the smartphone Huawei almost become the most popular in the world, only slightly behind devices from Samsung. Such a serious break from Huawei has affected the popularity of the iPhone, experts say.

Huawei releases cost effective phones with excellent set of features that is not inferior to the iPhone, said Mirabaud Securities. The flagship Huawei is cheaper than the newest iPhone, what makes many buyers to make a choice not in favor of Apple. In addition, Huawei is not afraid to take risks and offer unusual solutions. One solution experts have called the bright gradient of the body of the smartphone Huawei, which are very popular among young people.

However, analysts stressed that the main reasons for failed new iPhone sales in 2018 — high prices and lack of innovation due to “S-update”. Experts believe that in 2019, many things will change, Apple will be able to learn from the resulting crisis and to rectify the situation.

Source: CNBC.


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