It already goes beyond all limits.

Chinese company Huawei continues to PR on the popularity of the iPhone XS, Max XS iPhone and iPhone XR. If the last time she was trolling Apple over the lack of real innovation in the new iPhone, but now got a battery of new products. According to eyewitnesses, to standing in line for the iPhone 2018 approached by people in t-shirts Huawei and handed out “gifts”. A gift from the company was a portable battery Huawei SuperCharge 10,000 mAh.

On the package “powermanga” you can see the inscription, allowing deeper to understand the motivation of the public relations Department for Huawei.

“This portable battery. You will need it. A gift from Huawei”.

Dared at such desperate step, Huawei demonstrated a desire to “win” some Apple fans on his side. The argument was chosen, the battery life of the iPhone 2018.

It is worth noting that the iPhone XS is equipped with a battery to 2658 mA·h Is slightly less than its predecessor iPhone X. Battery XS Max, as opposed to the 5.8-inch flagship Apple has a record capacity in 3174 mA·h the smartphone iPhone XR battery installed on 2942 mA·h. Comparative tests showed that the iPhone XR at runtime bypasses the iPhone XS and is on par with the 6.5-inch giant iPhone XS Max.

Source: Gizmochina


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