And a lens with adjustable focal length.

The upcoming flagship Huawei P30 Pro will be equipped with a camera with a superzoom lens with adjustable focal length. About new Huawei P30 Pro for a few weeks before the presentation I told the Vice-President of worldwide product marketing Clement Wong.

Wong confirmed the rumors that Huawei P30 Pro will get a camera with a lens that can change focal length. He also said that users can expect from a smartphone superzoom. The exact zoom level, the representative of Huawei did not disclose.

The current flagship of Huawei P20 Pro has a camera with three times optical zoom and five-time hybrid zoom. In this regard, it is expected that Huawei P30 Pro will have at least a five-fold optical zoom. It is possible that the smartphone camera will be able to zoom in and up to ten times without loss of quality.

Last week Huawei CEO Richard Yu posted a photo where details visible surface of the moon. The head of Huawei said that the picture was taken at Huawei P30 Pro without using any additional accessories, even a tripod.

Source: AC.


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