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Chinese company Huawei is quite skeptical spoke about the new iPhone, showing Apple at the event on September 12. Huawei criticism relates to the lack of real innovations in the iPhone Xs, Xr iPhone and iPhone Xs Max. This is evidenced by the record, which appeared in the official Huawei Twitter account.

A Huawei representative said that during the presentation, Apple did not show anything really revolutionary. Huawei thanked Apple for the opportunity to become “heroes of the year” and offered to meet in London October 16, 2018. This day should take place the announcement of the flagship smartphone Huawei — Mate 20, 20 Pro Mate and Porshe Design.

All this suggests that Huawei really ready to show “real innovation” in 20 Mate/Mate Pro 20. It should be noted that the presentation on 12 September, Apple showed off an iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Xr and Max number of unique chips. Smartphones have got a gorgeous design with a heavy-duty rear window, powerful processor Apple A12 Bionic and the support of two SIM-cards.

Source: Twitter, Gizchina


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