At the request of the U.S., canadian authorities detained the man, Anjou, financial Director of the Chinese electronic giant Huawei. The goal is to extradite the man, who also is the daughter of company founder Ren Janvey, United States of America, where it can be subject to criminal prosecution including imprisonment.

“So you blame the fact…”

What is imputed to man, Banjo? Violation of U.S. trade sanctions against Iran! According to the Wall Street Journal, the US government starting in 2016, “exploring the supply of Huawei products of us origin to Iran and other countries in violation of U.S. export laws and of the law on sanctions of the United States”.

In August of this year, the Washington, recall, restored the regime of sanctions against Iran, and in November expanded their list. Apparently, this one-sided, not even supported by US allies in Europe domestic U.S. legal act and became the basis for the arrest of the Treasurer of the Chinese electronics manufacturer on the territory of a third country.

The situation from a legal point of view is absurd. It is in principle no different to, for example, from U.S. aggression against sovereign Yugoslavia in 1998, perfect bypassing all international norms. In addition, the arrest was made on 1 December, the day when Buenos Aires hosted the talks between President XI Jinping and US President Donald trump. It is unlikely that the arrest in Canada titled the Chinese have improved the quality of discussion on trade wars and mutual customs penalties, although very reminiscent of the well-known technique of business negotiations the American way: create competitor problems in the secondary direction will move the main.

What are the Americans are making? The answer to this question stems from a speech on television on December 5 of this year, John Bolton, the US presidential Advisor on national security. He stated bluntly that China is a strategic enemy of the United States. And in the struggle with the enemy, which according to American concepts really blame the fact that it is not inferior to the United States, neither the economy nor the political influence, okay, good by any means.

And about money not forgotten

But we must pay tribute to the organizers of this action: pragmatism they can not refuse. The goal is Huawei (180 thousand employees, co-owners) is chosen very well, if judged from the standpoint of their American competitors. The fact that the Chinese electronic giant diversified very successfully compete on the world market, with U.S. smartphone manufacturers and telecommunication equipment.

Yes, Huawei is in third place in the number of produced smartphones, significantly behind second place Apple. Is — the growth rate of the Chinese are significantly ahead of the Californian company Apple has lost over the last three years, ten percent of the market, and Huawei, on the contrary, increased its share by five percent. We will add that under pressure from the US telecommunications equipment banned the use of local cellular operators authority of Australia and New Zealand. Announced the replacement of the products of Huawei and Britain’s largest mobile operator. The alternative, of course, will be to look overseas.

How will China react? One would assume that the long-term interests and the need to margin, while China finally caught up with the US for economic and military capabilities, Beijing will have lowered business on brakes. But, coming into the public space, the conflict began to wear on principle and unilateral compromise by China will mean “losing face”, which is unacceptable for the Chinese leadership.

For the global community, this situation is extremely dangerous because the US is trying to set a precedent, extending their concepts and legal norms in all the territories that in varying degrees under the control of Washington or dependent on him. And these areas now.

For the global community, this situation is extremely dangerous because the US is trying to set a precedent by extending its concepts and legal rules for all areas.

And there is no guarantee that, for example, Russian citizens who are on black lists of sanctions the US state Department can not be delayed suddenly and in a totally unexpected place. Given that the number of such persons included, that is, on positions almost all the leaders at the Federal level, excluding the Chairman of the Central Bank, this development is undoubtedly projected the security agencies of USA, can be used as the strongest provocation, forcing our country to a very severe reaction.

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