The company clearly knows how to attract consumers.

In Russia it was replaced by the leader in the number of sold smartphones. Chinese company Huawei for the first time ahead of Samsung, Apple and other manufacturers. The market share of Huawei in the third quarter of 2018 28.3%. This is three times more than in the same quarter last year. After Huawei are Samsung and Apple with 24.8% and 11.7% of the market respectively.

The success of Huawei is quite explainable if to remember that last quarter’s shipments of smartphones in the world it also bypassed the Apple. The representatives of retail chains believe that the successful sale of Huawei in Russian market of smartphones due to a competent marketing company.

Huawei was taught Russian users to focus on the brand, and to take into consideration the ratio of price and quality. A wide range of products and availability of innovative technologies even in devices of an average price segment became the key to sales success.

Thus, as sources of stress, leadership, Huawei’s sales of smartphones in pieces does not mean unconditional victory for the revenue. The share of Huawei accounted for 25.4% of total revenue in the smartphone market. Apple and Samsung make more money with 32% and 26.4%, respectively.

Source: RBC


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