Moscow, may 21 — “News. Economy” Huawei has received a reprieve. The U.S. Department of Commerce allowed the Chinese IT giant to continue work on the territory of the state for 90 days, until August 19.

It is a temporary General license, which resumes its right to provide the service networks and provide software updates for its mobile devices used in the United States.

The U.S. Department of Commerce “This provision provides a 90-day temporary General license, which gives partial licensing regime” against Huawei, the document says. The Ministry stressed that “applies from 20 may 2019, 19 August 2019”. Cancelled also restrictions on the purchase of Huawei products in the United States. Additionally, the deferral will not apply to new trades, and is designed to give the existing customers of Huawei not to disturb their work. The Doc said that may issue temporary licenses to other companies and individuals having business relations with Huawei, and to “avoid interruption in the work of existing communication networks and equipment.”

Meanwhile, it became known that Huawei is developing a new operating system that will replace Android on its devices, it writes the Huawei Central. According to a source publication, the new OS will be called “Hongmeng” — it is developed on the basis of the Linux operating system. Earlier in March, the head of Huawei Richard Yu reported about the upcoming “Plan B” just in case, if devices, the company will not be able to use the Android operating system.

However, in China sotssetyah have begun to call for a boycott of Apple products — support for Chinese Huawei. By the way, this is not the first case of attempts to boycott Apple. In December, some Chinese companies threatened their employees who use iPhone, layoffs. At the same time, for employees who plan to abandon Apple smartphones, employers offer lucrative subsidies on purchase of Huawei smartphones as an alternative.

However, even without a national campaign against Apple, further escalation of a trade war with China is able to inflict a serious blow to the entire supply chain of components for smartphones.

It is understood by the investors. This is why Apple shares on Monday were the leaders of decline. They lost more than 3%. Paper Google fell 2%, and high-tech Nasdaq index fell by half a percent. The major stock indexes of Europe on Monday also closed lower, losing 2%.

Huawei shares are not traded on an exchange, their own management and employees. However, the sale of affected bonds. They are falling at the fastest pace in the entire observation period.


History on may 15 President Donald trump signed the Executive decree imposing a state of emergency to protect information and communications infrastructure of the United States from foreign threats. Later it became known that the Ministry of trade decided to make a Chinese company and related legal entities to its blacklist because of the threat to national security, this decision shall enter into force on 17 may.

In August last year, trump signed a decree, which forbade government agencies of the United States to use equipment produced by Huawei and another Chinese company — ZTE.

On Sunday it became known that the American company Google has suspended business contacts from Huawei after the US government decided to make the latest in the black list. In practice, this step means that the Chinese company will lose access to technology and software, except for those products that tons of other addictive games

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