And it’s the right move.

Chinese company Huawei is going to make a revolution in the IT industry, “embodying” the ideas of a secret program “Da Vinci”. As reported by insiders, a secret program “Da Vinci” is an attempt of active implementation of artificial intelligence technology to life.

Overall management of the program of development of artificial intelligence “Da Vinci” provides the Executive Director of Huawei Xu Zhijun. The final goal of the program is to integrate artificial intelligence into all devices and services of Huawei.

Huawei has already demonstrated how artificial intelligence technology can improve the lives of ordinary users. The possibility of artificial intelligence are widely used in the camera of the smartphone Huawei P20 Pro. In addition, using the developed in the framework of the “Da Vinci” algorithms, Huawei is implementing the project “Safe city”. This project allows you to collect and analyze data from surveillance cameras, monitoring the situation in the streets.

In the future, the algorithms of the program “Da Vinci” will be used to develop base stations and software for 5G networks. The main “chip” of data telecommunication stations will be able to “predictions” emerging issues and dynamic redistribution of loading on the network.

Source: Gizchina


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