Huawei, despite many restrictions from the United States, continues to produce new devices. Moreover, according to the latest data, the company intends nothing less than to release a rival “king” in the tablet market — the Apple iPad Pro!

For that, if you believe the new leak, the company will add its new tablet, which is likely to be called MediaPad M7, support for stylus and external keyboard. Thus, the dimensions of the device are expected to be considerable. Another of the interesting things you can note the location of the front camera — judging from the available images, it is carefully placed in the hole, which in turn will be located on the display.

Also of interest is the slim frame having the same width around the perimeter is a clear shot in the direction of Apple, who until recently was considered the only company able to pull it off. It is also expected that the tablet will work on the basis of the Kirin 990. Neither the date of the announcement or the price at the start of sales of the new device are still unknown.

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