The video, which demonstrates the models of new iPhone models has posted on its YouTube channel a video blogger Marques Brownlee. He showed three models, calling them conditionally iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Max and 11R. Users in the review assessed the design of possible new products from Apple very mixed, but mostly negative.

The traditional Apple presentation, where will be demonstrated a new model of gadgets, there are still about two months. But the Network has already leaked drawings of the new iPhone models. Based on them have even created covers, which were manufactured blanks of the future smartphone from Apple.

Marques Brownlee showed the iPhone model 11 with a small “hump”. Under this unusual protruding part is hiding the photo module. And iPhone 11, and in enlarged version of the iPhone 11 will be Max three lens (actually, who in our days can be surprised?). To capture scenes with a large angle will allow additional ultra-wide angle lens.

iPhone 11R needs to be more affordable. He also “will give the” square “tile-hump”. Lenses will two, not three. But this is progress, because in the current iPhone XR just one 12-megapixel sensor.

Judging by the review, a new model from last year not much will be different. The screen size seems to be still the same, “Bang” will not be removed. Unfortunately, in the video, Brownlee not established whether brand new iPhone frosted glass and promised a redesigned mute switch.

“This is the ugliest that I have ever seen in my entire life, but I have to look in the mirror every day,” praised the design of the future iPhone user Alex C.

“Damn, that’s ugly. You just look at it! Apple lives in their own world,” agreed with him Sahil Mhatre.

“You say that it is ugly, and not buy it. But still you’ll get,” — says Ffs.

“IPhone looks like he has a huge malignant tumor on the back”, — expressed his opinion Lookatcha.

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