The conflict between Lesak and Patterson occurred on February 18. According to the journalist, she came from his native Pennsylvania to Arizona for an editorial job and asked the opinion of local residents about the wall on the border with Mexico, which wants to build the US President Donald trump. Patterson works in Patagonia Marshal. This is an elected position, whose functions are similar to police chief.
Lisak, was riding a Bicycle when she stopped Patterson and asked them to introduce themselves. The journalist called his name, the edition in which the works, and phone number. According to Lisak, a police officer threatened her that he would send her to juvie. “I don’t want to hear about freedom of the press,’ said Patterson, ‘ I could have you arrested, do you understand?”.

After that, Lisac included a video on the smartphone, approached the police car and was asked on camera to explain his words. Then she posted the video on the Internet. On the recording you can hear the journalist asked for any violation of threatened her with arrest. First, Patterson said that does not allow the journalist to remove his face and put it on the Internet. ” it violates the law of Arizona…”, — he explained. The journalist agreed and during the conversation, for the most part removed the front wheel of the police car.

According to Patterson, Lisak violated a legal requirement of the police. He forbade her to go there, where he saw a Cougar, as was worried about her safety, but the journalist ignored his order. Even Marshall has accused Lisak a lie, because when he stopped her, she lied that he was going to his friends. At the end of the conversation, according to Lisak, the police advised “not to act like an adult” and left.

After Lisak wrote about the meeting with the police in the newspaper and posted a video on YouTube, it was supported by a lot of strangers. Someone even sent her a phone number Patterson. Lishak said that we should not condemn the police. According to her, she just wants to protect First amendment to the Constitution, which, in particular, guarantees Americans the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The power of Patagonia on the city’s website wrote that got a lot of feedback after talking Sheriff with a young journalist. “We have taken action that we believe correspond to the situation”, — stated in the message. Authorities did not specify what those measures referring to the fact that not reveal details of the employee.

Hilda Lisak followed in the footsteps of his father, who worked in the New York Daily News, until I moved to a small town Selinsgrove in Pennsylvania. He often took the daughter to work and “gave her a passion for news.” According to Lisak, most of all she likes to write about the crimes. She believes that children have the right to their own point of view.
In 2014, Lisak with the help of his father founded the newspaper Orange Street News. It is published under the slogan “the only newspaper dedicated to Selinsgrove”. Lisak work along with her older sister Isabel. A paper subscription available for $19.99 per year, and for $14.99 to access the electronic version of the publication.

In 2016, Lisak first wrote about the murder in Selinsgrove. In the material, Lisac were comments by witnesses and photographs of the crime scene. She interviewed witnesses, took pictures and a few hours ahead of other reporters. Then in the comments on the page Orange Street News on Facebook someone questioned the journalistic abilities of Lisak. Other users wrote that nine-year-old girls should play with dolls instead of writing about the murders.
In response, Lysak recorded a video message. She put on his badge with the inscription “I — freedom of speech” and personally read a few comments about yourself. “I know that some of you want me to sit quiet because I’m nine. If you want to, I stopped writing news, turn off the computers and try to do it themselves,” she said skeptics. The record quickly became viral. About a young journalist wrote in the New York Times and the Washington Post. Her and her mother were invited to the talk show Good Morning America. Lisak, became the youngest member of the National society of professional journalists and wrote a book, “Hilda will understand”, which is inspired by her own journalistic investigation.

In 2016, Lisak interviewed 18-year-old Nobel peace prize winner, Pakistani human rights activist Malala yousafzai when she came to the United States. The journalist listed a monthly advertising income of Orange Street News Fund yousafzai, who is engaged in educational projects for girls in Africa, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 2018 Apple has ordered 10-episode television series about the history of Lisac. The main role will be performed by 9-year-old actress Brooklyn Prince.

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