I soldered a normal server from a very old Mac MPa day exploring the technique of Apple, I was always drawn to products that the company officially recognized to be obsolete. First, it was purely from a financial point of view — the money for a new Mac there is rarely a teenager.

Today it has become a hobby. Awe, and a craving for old-school Apple difficult to explain. This condition will understand only one who had their own warm South bridge “Lamp jobs”, trying to cool the PowerBook or broken watch to load the OS on the old Mac mini pomershie drive.

About the latest Apple gadget I would like to tell you about today. The inspiration came after the article of our readers, “Should I take the Mac mini, which 10 years?”

Ironically, I got exactly the same model: Mac mini 2.0, 1GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz. In one word, old man.

Over a ten-year nettop without charger I gave… don’t fall — 1400 RUB. Yes, miracles do happen. Alas, it was not included power supply, and a regular CD long ago departed this life.

The seller is assured that the machine is serviceable and was used as a primitive server. I believe it was solved, glad the state of the computer and set to warm up the soldering iron.

Where to get a power supply for an old Mac mini?

This variant is in good condition. There are a lot more “dead” with exorbitant price tags.

A quick surf through the flea markets and Bulletin Board immediately pushed away from buying the original charger. For what is depicted in the picture above and individual users retailers asking from 1500 to 2500 thousand.

No, I understand that this is Apple, retro and the desire to cash in on nostalgic, but not at the price of the same computer.

Realizing that from an economic point of view is absolutely stupid to buy an original power supply, it was decided to take in the basics of electronics and make friends with Mac mini c universal charger.

Yes, it’s hard to be believe convinced makovodu, but with any Apple computer of the last decade will run third-party power supply. While Apple “thinks differently”, the products are used exactly the same current and the same as Ohm’s law.

Immediately deal with food and that we need to buy.

The most affordable and the best option. When we created the Mac mini, jobs was carrying the same idea: make the charger as small as possible.

Original power supply Mac mini 2007 produces 18.5 volts and up to 6 A. Roughly speaking, its capacity is 110 watts. So the list of what we will need to buy to start Mac mini includes:

Laptop power supply 18.5 — 19 Volts (2.7% — quite acceptable excess voltage) — here you can do not spent, and ask around friends or look around your own “warehouse”.

The 2kω resistor is about 1 RUB.

The “mother” under a suitable plug power procured power supply from the laptop.

And, of course, solder, flux and phosphoric acid (without in any way, resin will not save), multi-core wire 0.8 — 1.2 mm, soldering iron and as nitrosamine hands;)

Well, brazed

In short, to deconstruct is not so much. Important — disconnect all cables.

Purchased Mac mini parse to the ground. We need to get to the back of the motherboard. To describe the whole process of parsing’t see the point, so as not to turn an article into a treatise kilometer. On this topic there are plenty of materials the guys from iFixit.

Turning the Board carefully look at five nickels, leading from the fixed feed port. For clarity, we signed each of them.

That moment, when absolutely can not reverse the polarity.

In order that the user didn’t which side to plug the original plug of the power supply, the Apple thought, two positive and two negative contact.

We need to privatise to any of the “minuses” and “pluses”.

Yes, the remaining fifth contact also will not remain without our attention. Initially I thought pripal pair of wires from the “correct” power supply I can immediately turn on the Mac mini.

But it was not there. Mac mini refused to start. Spending a little more time to study the problem, found out that without auxiliary resistor, the ice will not touch.

Well, this the fifth contact soldered another transaction to the resistor. Do not spare solder and flux. To prypiats better to plus and minus, which are located closer to the edge, not to damage SMD components.

After 15 minutes of hard micropace get the following:

Red wire — plus

Blue wire — output to the resistor 2kω

The red wire labeled — “minus”

It is advisable to fix the wires directly on the Board. You can select the superglue + baking soda, but I prefer a more gentle blue electrical tape.

Remember: if in the instruction there is a blue tape, then it’s wrong.

You can now begin to assemble.

All three of the cord, it would be logical to withdraw into the hole of the radiator grille, which is located around the perimeter of the Mac mini enclosure. With a strong desire to set the port for classic notebook power supply and directly into the body, but I didn’t want to spoil the original look of the product.

Now the final nuance on nutrition and connection.

Plus goes to the positive pin of the laptop power supply, resistor 2kω podpisatsja to minus, and minus to minus power supply.

That’s all the math.

The resistor needed. Without it in any way.

Plug the power cord, press Power on the case the Mac mini… Hello white display and, damn it, the recovery screen Windows 7!

Um… and it display with Mac mini?

I admit I didn’t expect.

What will happen with this Mac mini?

The Mac mini will be a lot of improvements

The original purpose of buying this ultrabudgetary computer was creating his own multimedia server. There are more simple solutions in the form of “smart” routers capable of connecting external drives, but we’re not looking for easy ways?

Today we were able to turn the Mac mini. This is a great win. But ahead of system installation, upgrade and installation of the system.

I already ordered two bars of RAM, total 3 GB (1 + 2GB) — more than this nettop will not pull. In parallel, eyeing the pocket instead of the CD-Rom, low capacity SSD 32 GB and a spacious HDD for a couple of terabytes.

Look at what you can squeeze out of the old man, having a good upgrade and decide on the optimal OS for 11-year-old nettop.

If you, dear readers, interested in such an option of using the old Mac mini, to be continued;)


1. The Mac mini even after 10 years still a great nettop for simple tasks.

2. No need to be afraid of a soldering iron — sometimes this ability saves a lot of money.

3. Carefully disassemble the Mac mini. It is particularly important to ensure that disabled all loops. Once again check back.

4. In the original charger from the Mac mini, in fact, not many differences with the cheap from any laptop.

5. This material is a tribute to the hobby. “Go and buy” is not always fun.

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