A trade war between China and the United States lasts for more than a year, and is in no hurry to finish. Until recently, the parties are mainly “exchanged” increase in duties on goods. However, experts note that in the future the situation may become more complicated. For example, China may close its market to American companies.

According to calculations of analysts of the investment Bank Goldman Sachs, if China will close for Apple its domestic market, the cupertinos will lose 29% of their income.

At this stage, to talk about the full closure of the Chinese market for private companies before. Official statements of the Chinese authorities has not yet been done. However, experts believe that after the situation with Huawei is such a possibility. Even in the absence of sanctions or restrictions of the shares of large us companies have already started to fall in price.

According to analysts of investment Bank Goldman Sachs, in the near future the shares of the Apple company will lose the price about 5-6 dollars – the value of securities should be reduced from 184 to 178 dollars. This decline may continue, especially if the situation between the US and China will remain tense, but at the same time uncertain to the end.


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