Even more high-profile announcements.

To 5 September in Berlin will host the exhibition of modern electronics IFA 2018. Yesterday we told about interesting gadgets presented on the first day of the event, and today we will share the main news for the second day. He, too, was rich in announcements and presentations of new products of different categories.

Wireless headphones JBL

JBL showed completely wireless headphones. Endurance Peaks — this sports headset is designed for active people. Without recharging the headphones play 4 hours, and if you use the supplied case to charge is 20 hours. Endurance Peaks are not afraid of water and sweat, sit securely in your ears and allow gestures to control music playback and answer phone calls. Sales will start in November.

8K TV and Soundbar Sharp

The Japanese company Sharp on IFA 2018 presented a line of 8K TVs Aquos TV with diagonals of 60, 70 and 80 inches. The device support a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels and is equipped with special processors for image processing. Along with the TV, Sharp unveiled a new Soundbar — it supports Dolby Atmos and issues of 22.2-channel sound.

Fitness tracker Garmin with oximeter

Garmin announced a new fitness tracker Vivosmart 4, which is able to measure the level of oxygen in the blood. The gadget also tracks heart rate, physical activity, quality of sleep owner and notifies you. Is a smart accessory $ 130, and sold in four colors: black, grey, red and blue.

Clever column-router Netgear

Engineers Netgear decided to cross smart column and a router or, more specifically, a wireless signal booster. So there Orbi Voice — gadget with good speakers and 4 microphones that can play music, search the Internet and improve wifi signal. Controlled device using voice assistant Amazon Alexa.

Transformer Lenovo with E-Ink keyboard

Lenovo has long been experimenting with form factors. The last experiment is a transformer Yoga Book C930. The unit received the 10.8-inch touchscreen display, Intel seventh generation, 4 GB RAM, 256 GB of internal memory and the Windows operating system. And yet the main feature is E-Ink keyboard, which is used instead of the usual mechanical or touch.

We will follow other announcements for IFA 2018. Stay tuned to the website.


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