After just a few days after the start of official sales of new Apple devices, the laboratory specialists iFixit has managed to disassemble all the novelties and to assess their maintainability. Recall that the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max was dismantled on Friday, and today the specialists looked into the case of the Apple Watch Series 4.

In the process of dismantling the laboratory staff iFixit noted that the new Apple watch are well thought-out design. Besides, now they carefully look not only outside but also inside. Last but not least this is due to the fact that in the Assembly of the new Apple Watch uses significantly less adhesive than before.

As for other features of the Apple Watch Series 4, the experts noted little changed sizes Taptic Engine (it’s bigger and thinner), thinner than previous models the screen, changing the position of the barometer and mount S4 chip with screws.

But the main thing that drew the attention of the staff of iFixit, is that the new generation Apple smart watch has become simpler and easier to disassemble and repair. However, a special influence on the maintainability of the device is not turned. As in the case of the Apple Watch Series 3, new smart watch Apple received 6 points on a scale of maintainability iFixit.


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