Just a day after the start of sales specialists iFixit have completely disassembled the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, and evaluated the maintainability of the product. Looking ahead, we can say that the new Apple flagship has found several interesting details.

Initially in the design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max was not noticeable, nothing really new: a similar layer of glue around the screen, like last year’s iPhone, and the same double-sided motherboard. However, the shape and size of the latter has changed.

The first serious differences became noticeable, when experts got to the battery. It turned out that it is fairly easy to dismantle. The battery consists of one single unit, not two as before, and has a large capacity of 15.04 W·h Is almost 3 kWh more than the iPhone XS Max.

Perhaps the most interesting finding was a second connector for connecting the battery. It goes directly to the wireless charging. Besides under the battery there was a surcharge, which is similar to the module that needs to provide work back wireless charging.

In the process of dismantling specialists iFxit found other differences between the iPhone Xs iPhone 11 Max and Pro Max. For example, cupertinos has changed the location of the cables connecting the display unit to the motherboard and the display has disappeared 3D Touch. This decision has allowed Apple to save 0.25 mm of free space, which is quite a lot.

In the end, the experts iFixit appreciated maintainability iPhone 11 Pro Max 6 points out of 10. The experts liked the easy access to the battery and some other modules. However, they lowered the rating because of the great number of waterproofing elements that complicate the repair.


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