The first of the new Apple smartphones are in the hands of experts iFixit got iPhone 11 Pro Max, which they dismantled almost immediately after the start of sales. However, the experts did not overlook iPhone and the successor of XR. Today the site appeared iFixit disassembly iPhone 11.

According to experts, the layout of the internal elements of the iPhone 11 is quite different from its predecessor. For example, a new 6.1-inch Apple smartphone is equipped with a double sided motherboard. A similar solution was used in the iPhone 11 Pro. Also the same and the “filling” of this Board. It is possible to find the Apple A13 processor, 4 GB RAM, modem, Intel chip U1.

Also, experts iFixit highlighted other structural differences. In particular, they noted the changed position of the connectors on the display unit. Thus, to disassemble the smartphone has become easier. Has been simplified and the disassembly of the front camera.

While there are some difficulties. For example, due to the large amount of glue to remove enhanced capacity battery can be difficult. By the way, unlike the iPhone 11 Pro Max battery 11 is not equipped with an additional connector. According to experts iFixit, due to the fact, that cupertinos was not originally planned to add this model support wireless two-way charging.

Finally, the experts assessed the maintainability iPhone 6 to 11 points out of a possible 10. Professionals liked some innovations that facilitate repair. However, the final grade was negatively impacted by a large amount of glue, which is secured some of the components inside the smartphone.


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