Apple has released updated covers Smart Battery Case for iPhone Pro 11 and 11, in which there was a separate button to launch the camera. Specialists iFixit got to wondering what exactly is this button.

Initially, experts assumed two options. According to one version of cupertinos could use some kind of wireless interface, and the other cost is the physical solution. Confirmed the second option. Apple engineers used a small Board and a flexible ribbon cable. All of this connects to the smartphone via the Lightning port.

The specialists of iFixit not disassemble the case. Instead, they took the help of his colleagues at Creative Electron enlightened and accessory x-ray. However, this approach did not allow to know the capacity of the built-in Smart Battery Case of the battery.

According to 9to5mac, a brand new Apple has a battery capacity of 10.9 watt/hours the battery is not solid, and consists of two segments. X-ray images of iFixit, a feature well marked.


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