Recently Apple introduced a new 16-inch MacBook Pro. Apart from the enlarged screen diagonal, the new product boasts a new keyboard with a scissor mechanism. This was used in the old MacBook before the infamous “butterfly”.

Specialists iFixit disassembled the new model and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the updated design. As noted, technically, the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro repeats wireless keyboard Apple Magic Keyboard that is almost impossible to bring down the dust.

This is the mechanism Apple Magic Keyboard

In addition, the “scissors” has no protective membrane, as in the buttons with “butterfly”. Reinforced latch on the key caps, and the buttons themselves get a higher speed with almost the same thickness. All this should provide a higher level of reliability and ease of replacement keys.

And arranged the keyboard of the MacBook Pro 2019

Thus, it is hoped that the company will take into account the error in the future would not return to unreliable “butterfly”. After the scissor mechanism has been proven over many years of operation and has proved its effectiveness. Below are photos of the evolution of “butterfly”:

Keyboard MacBook with Retina display, 2015
“Butterfly” version of the 2018

Modification of 2019

However, earlier in Cupertino has patented a touch keyboard with glass base. It is not excluded that the current generation is only a transition to a fully virtual buttons.

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