A few days ago Apple has officially unveiled the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the updated keyboard. Now the underlying scissor mechanism. Specialists iFixit have already got a new product in your hands first and foremost engaged in the study of updated keyboard.

In a nutshell, experts are positive about the new mechanism of the keys. According to preliminary estimates of problems with the updated keyboard MacBook Pro should be noticeably less than before. Due to the fact that now the keys are easily removable, some of the problems users can solve on their own.

It is noteworthy that the return to the scissor mechanism, the owners of the 16-inch “proshek” could even replace the buttons in your laptop keys with Keyboard Magic. They are identical in size. However, the use of such a solution on a permanent basis will not work. Since the buttons are Magic Keyboard is slightly higher than the MacBook Pro, fully close the lid of the laptop will not work.

According to first reviews of journalists who also managed to find 16-inch MacBook Pro, the new keyboard works very well. It comfortably write large amounts of text, but feel it resembles the keyboard of a MacBook Pro, which was produced until 2015.


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