They were succesfuly a few days after the launch, iFixit has finally made it to the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4. The device was then opened and studied far and wide.

The repairmen got the bigger version of the buildings in 44 mm and LTE.

First, as noted in iFixit — more sophisticated and accurate Assembly. Unlike the original Apple Watch, in the fifth clock generation (Series 4) is used much less glue. On the complexity of disassembly of the watch compared with the iPhone 5.

Apple Watch first look neat both outside and inside. Most of the space is the battery and the Taptic Engine.

Despite the fact that at first glance it may seem that the inside of a clock look like the previous generation, differences between devices abound.

the battery 291.8 mAh (4% more than its predecessor)

Taptic Engine became longer and thinner

changed the location of the barometer for a more sensitive analysis of the atmosphere

chip S4 screw, but the CPU is pasted tightly

Golden ring acts as an antenna

to open the watch much easier

the display not only bigger, but also thinner.

The parser iFixit noted that watches are becoming more and more maintainable, repeating the evolution of iPhones.

This indicator device has received 6 points out of 10. The same grade is earned, and iPhone XS.

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